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Fibreglass Pools - You get what you pay for.

September 05, 2017 at 11:38 AM

Not all swimming pools are created equal

As you’re probably learning, there are many different types of pools. Here at NZ Pools Ltd the fibreglass pools we love and supply are Leisure Pools.  These are not just “fibreglass” pools, but much more.

By using 100% Full Vinyl Ester Resin throughout the build process, a Leisure Pool is kept safe, secure and free of damage, allowing a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL AND OSMOSIS WARRANTY ON ALL LEISURE POOLS.









Prevent osmosis

Esters in the resin of a fibreglass pool are susceptible to breaking down, allowing water to penetrate through. Bubbles of trapped water and pressure continue to grow in-between structural layers of the pool shell.

Leisure Pools understands the importance of resin quality and uses 100% FULL VINYL ESTER RESIN throughout the build process. This means water cannot penetrate through any layer of the pool shell and compromise the structural integrity of the pool shell. This is how Leisure Pools is able to offer our Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty.

And More Of Them...

The primary ingredient in any fibreglass pool is resin. There are two different types of resin used today in fibreglass pool construction. POLY ESTER RESIN is the cheaper, far less durable option for fibreglass pool construction. The high ester content of Poly Ester Resin creates a swimming pool that is vulnerable to Osmosis.

To save on cost, most swimming pool manufacturers use primarily Poly Ester Resin, applying, at most, one single layer of Vinyl Ester Resin. VINYL ESTER RESIN is a high performance, corrosive resistant resin that prevents water penetration while also improving strength properties of the shell.

Leisure Pools uses only Vinyl Ester Resin in the construction of our Composite Armour pools, comprised of 6 total layers of cutting edge quality.
















Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction

Vinyl Ester Resin v Polyester Resin
Leisure Pools has a patent pending to be the only composite fibreglass
swimming pool manufacturer to use Vinyl Ester Resin for each layer after the gelcoat
colour layer.

Standard fibreglass swimming pool manufacturers may use one layer of Vinyl Ester
Resin and then multiple layers of cheaper polyester resin in order to reduce overall
build costs.

So what are the differences between Vinyl Ester Resin compared to a Polyester
Vinyl Ester ResinPolyester Resin
High quality expensive resin Cheapest resin available
High corrosion resistance Poor corrosion resistance
High strength properties Poor strength properties
High resistance to micro fracturing Poor resistance to micro fracturing
High resistance to shrinkage Poor resistance to shrinkage


There are numerous technical websites that will go into detail regarding the
respective resin and given the investment of a swimming pool it is worth
spending 5-10 minutes to do your own research.

This short video gives a great insight into why quality is all important in fibreglass construction.

So in summary, if you are looking at getting a pool we would advise:

  • Do you own homework - every pool manufacturer will say there's is the best
  • Check out what the warranty actually covers
  • Check out the pool installer too, do they have an excellent reputation. Even a quality pool can fail if installed incorrectly
  • If possible visit a couple of pools the builder has recently installed or built
  • Make sure the equipment included with your pool is good quality and 'fit for purpose' we often see undersized or inferior equipment used by others because its cheap (but doesn't last or do the job)
  • Consider time & effort saving automation of your pool. With right equipment your pool will stay sparkling clean with minimal effort
  • Call us if you have any questions at all, we offer free advice and our 0800 697665 number is answered promptly