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Concrete Pools

Here at NZ Pools, our history is in concrete pools. And for good reason! Concrete pools are among the most versatile, customisable pools on offer – so when you’re ready to create a statement pool, concrete’s the way to go.

So what makes concrete pools so fantastic?

Designed just FOR YOU

Concrete pools provide unparalleled levels of design flexibility, which means we’re able to design a pool and pool area that will suit you perfectly. Because we build the shape to suit, we can create a pool in virtually any size, shape, depth, and configuration that works best for your budget, backyard, lifestyle, and style preferences.


Having a concrete pool is about more than just the pool – it’s about the experience. A concrete pool enables you to create a private aquatic resort in your backyard, playing off the aesthetics of your home and making a statement. From a beach style entry to elevated spas, there are so many options for enhancing your pool’s overall style and beauty.


When you’re looking for durability, concrete pools are the way to go. All our pools are engineered by pool design engineers. Concrete will form an extremely tough, long-lasting pool shell – a stable, steel-reinforced structure that withstands Wellington's earth movement and stands the test of time. However, despite its toughness it provides the flexibility to allow unparalleled choice in shape and design.


Thanks to cutting-edge maintenance systems and improved pool materials, gone are the days of concrete pools that are expensive to run and a mystery to operate. We’ll train you in how to easily maintain and take care of your pool – but more importantly, we'll create a system that makes maintaining your pool both economical and an absolute pleasure.


  • Initial consultation
  • Obligation-free quote provided
  • Personalised design plan created
  • Consent process completed
  • Excavation and area prepared
  • Base prepared and steel framing built
  • Concrete Shotcrete sprayed 
  • Plumbing and lights installed
  • Pool plastered and filled with water
  • Surrounding area made beautiful (and safe!) with fencing and landscaping completed
  • Ready for your first swim!

The standard process, from start of construction to your first swim, can take as little as four to six weeks, including your landscaping.


What our clients say

"We were lucky enough to find NZ Pools when we were looking for someone to build us a new pool and we really can't praise Brent, Terri and the team highly enough. From their tireless commitment to keeping promises, their openness and honesty, their work ethic and their ongoing advice and service long after the project was completed, neither of us have ever dealt with another organisation in any trade that even comes close to these guys."

Stewart & Carolyn Gebbie

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