Capri-Spa-thumbnail.jpgThe Capri Spa

The Capri Spa Specifications

The Capri Spa is a beautiful compact spa that is the perfect addition to your Leisure Pool. Enjoy the relaxing thrill that only warm water rushing around your body can provide. After a busy day at work take a swim in your Leisure Pool and then sit and relax with a beer or cocktail in your Capri Spa. The Capri Spa can be fitted with a number of different spa jet combinations to suit your taste.
For a very modern look the Capri Spa can easily be installed in an elevated position with the addition of a water blade creating a majestic water feature for your pool.
The Capri Spa is available in all the same Leisure Pools colours as your pool to mix and match as you please.

1.80m 1.60m 0.90m

* Some measurements rounded.

Capri SpaThe Capri Spa